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Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom by Joe Hill Signed and Numbered Hardcover - 10 Copies Total Available for Preorder

Keys to the Kingdom, the fourth installment of the award-winning Locke & Key series, co-credits writer Hill and illustrator Rodriguez as "storytellers," and it's an apt designation, shown by the seamlessness with which the text and art interact. They are one of the best storytelling teams in comics. After the completion of Crown of Shadowsin 2011, both Hill and Rodriguez were nominated for Eisner awards--Best Writer (won by Hill) and Best Penciller/Inker, respectively, and the comic was nominated for Best Continuing Series.

These editions of Keys to the Kingdom include not only the entire graphic novel, but also the scripts for each issue. The limited edition includes all of the scripts for the miniseries, original full-color endsheets by Gabriel Rodriguez, and a full-color dust jacket by Vincent Chong. Signed by author Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez.

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