Daniel McGachey

Daniel McGachey began writing ghost stories to amuse himself and friends. These tales subsequently appeared in “The BHF Book of Horror Stories” and “Black Book of Horror” series of anthologies, and “Filthy Creations” magazine, while his radio plays have been broadcast as part of the mystery and suspense series “Imagination Theater”. He also reviews television and radio adaptations of M.R. James’s stories for “The Ghosts and Scholars M.R. James Newsletter”. In 2009 Dark Regions Press published his first collection, “They That Dwell in Dark Places” - dedicated in part to M.R. James, whose works influenced both the period and atmosphere of the stories. Moving from James to another literary hero, his second Dark Regions collection pitted Conan Doyle’s thoroughly rational detective against the utterly irrational forces of the supernatural in “Sherlock Holmes: The Impossible Cases”. Forthcoming works include “Wraithvale” and “In the Silence Before the Scream” (both for Dark Regions) and the Haunted Library publication "Ex Libris: Lufford".