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Weird House Magazine Issue #2!
Special double issue!

Weird House Press proudly presents, Weird House Magazine issue 2!

Merging the proud tradition of the pulp periodicals with rock n’ roll-style journalism, Weird House Magazine aims to present fiction and poetry from some of the best authors in the field, along with gorgeous art, thoughtful interviews, and intriguing articles on all aspects of horror culture, and beyond!

Weird House Magazine issue #2 includes:

  • Cover art by by K. L. Turner
  • Editorial by Curtis M. Lawson
  • The Abject by Richard Gavin – Fiction
  • Witch House by Wade German – Poetry
  • Keys to the Soul by Tony Lamalfa – Fiction
  • Dreams in the Court of Azagthoth by Curtis M. Lawson/ Rebecca Clegg – poetry with art
  • Interactive Giallo by Robert Ottone – Nonfiction
  • The Horror of Many Mouths by Tim Curran – Fiction
  • From Innsmouth by Denise Dumars – poetry
  • Nail On the Head by Clay McLeod Chapman – Fiction
  • Black eyes Beneath Gray Waves by Curtis M. Lawson – Fiction
  • Dweller of the Deep by Colleen Anderson – poetry
  • K. L. Turner interview and art showcase
  • Echoes From The Ice by James Chambers – Fiction
  • The Tower: A tale in Ten Sonnets by Tylor James – Poetry
  • Between The Waves by Geza Reilly – Fiction
  • Exploring the Musical World of John Carpenter by Robb Kavjian -Nonfiction
  • Beneath The Veil by David Barker – Fiction
  • 3 Poems by Samantha Underhill – Poetry
  • Beyond D&D: Horror in Tabletop Gaming by Curtis M. Lawson – Nonfiction
  • The Heart in the Crystal by Donald Tyson – Fiction
  • Last Night in Dunwich by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • Night Fishing by David C. Kopaska – Merkel
  • The Voyager by Douglas Wynne story – Fiction
  • Look at the Lovecraft Films of Stuart Gordon by Gary Hill – Nonfiction
  • The Correspondence of Cameron Thaddeus Nash by Ramsey Campbell – Fiction
  • Interview with Ramsey Campbell

Product info: in-stock, published by Weird House Press