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A sumptuous, towering monument of an art book documenting the life and work of the forgotten early 20th century cartoonist and fine artist Herbert Edmund Crowley, featuring a detailed 20,000-word biography by Justin Duerr.

Over the course of six years of deep research, we have unearthed a huge number of Crowley paintings, sculptures, illustrations, comics, prints, engravings and ephemera. In this tome you'll find over 300 jaw-dropping images of otherworldly shrines, whimsical cartoons, grotesque creatures, nightmares and dreamscapes. You will encounter impossible symbolism, encrypted glyphs, and the yearning visual poetry of a brilliant, tormented spirit. Enter THE TEMPLE OF SILENCE, and behold the strange, astonishing visions of a lost legend of modern art. First edition of 2500 copies.

"A surrealistic, sometimes unsettling pleasure for fans of the avant-garde and an obvious labor of love for all concerned." -Kirkus Reviews

Page Count: 108
Dimensions: 11”x17”

Product info: PREORDER (ETA: May/June 2023), published by Beehive Books