Collectors Club General Info and Code

Dark Regions Press Collectors Club subscriptions are maintained through the crowdfunding platform Patreon. Our account can be found at

Two tiers are available: $25/month and $75/month. Please only use these codes for the tier you are subscribed to. 




Here are breakdowns of both tiers in the Collectors Club membership. You can upgrade to the $75 tier at any time on Patreon

Collectors Club Membership Tier 1
$25 or more per month

  • Guaranteed 33% off all Dark Regions Press publications
  • Up to 33% off collectibles/signed limited editions/products from other publishers
  • Custom payment plans up to 6 months in length for any products
  • Earn 1 Collectors Club Credit per month
  • Collectors Club Newsletter Subscription

Collectors Club Membership Tier 2 - All Bonuses & Maximum Discounts 
$75 or more per month

  • Guaranteed 40% off all Dark Regions Press publications 
  • Up to 55% off (maximum wholesale discount available) on products from other publishers 
  • All benefits from Collectors Club Tier 1
  • Earn 3 Collectors Club Credits per month

Collectors Club Credits - An Exclusive Currency

For each $25/month monthly subscription payment members gain 1 Collectors Club Credit (if you subscribe at the $75/month level you will earn 3 credits per month). 6 Collectors Club Credits can be exchanged for a $150 gift card. Members must contact us directly to exchange their credits for a gift card(s) and/or to get their current balance of credits. Credits do not roll over year-to-year so balances must be spent by December 31st of each respective year.


After subscribing to the Dark Regions Press Patreon account at at either the $25 or $75 level you will be manually added to the club e-mail newsletter list. In case you miss a broadcast, you can access the Newsletter Archives from the Collectors Club section of the website at

Thank You to All Collectors Club Members!

Thanks to all of our members for your enduring support of Dark Regions Press. Your continued subscriptions and regular orders directly contribute to our projects and operations and allow us to work on many exciting projects for the future.

Questions? Please use our central point of contact at

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