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If the dead could speak from the afterlife, what might they tell us? How might they warn us?

The Damned have stories to share... – About an abandoned Demon child, adopted by a reluctant mother. – A Demon torn between love for his mate and an Angel visiting Hell. – A jaded Angel touring Hell to hunt the Damned for sport. – Three Damned laborers who encounter a cat with nine afterlives. – A Damned artist summoned to Heaven to paint her masterpiece. – A Damned man and an Angel joining forces to rescue a child from his Demonic captors. – A former journalist who discovers the depths of despair and the hope of rebellion.

Seven dispatches from the Hades of Jeffrey Thomas, author of Letters From Hades and Ugly Heaven/Beautiful Hell.

Product Information: ISBN-13: [978-1626411852], Page Count: [170], MSRP: $19.95, Trim Size: [6 x 9 inches], Distribution: Ingram Book Group (ipage), Retailer Contact. Previously offered in 100 signed and numbered hardcover and deluxe 13 slipcased hardcover.