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Limit 1 per customer/household (only 1 copy of Dead Zone total per customer/household including Mystery Boxes - you can upgrade to a Deluxe Mystery Box by Contacting Us)

John Smith awakes from a coma to find his life in ruins.

He also finds that he can see the future—a power he doesn't want but can't escape.

He is branded a freak and his warnings of danger are seen as ravings, and when he shakes a psychopathic politician's hand he foresees unimaginable horror.


  • Illustrated by Tomislav Tikulin with wraparound colour dustjacket; an illustrated slipcase; and sumptuous interior pieces.
  • Strictly limited to one thousand numbered copies signed by Tomislav Tikulin and Robert Shearman.

Stephen King Deluxe Mystery Box and Regular Mystery Box Information

Limit 1 Stephen King Mystery Box per customer/household of each type - Only 1 Dead Zone limited hardcover per customer/household including Mystery Boxes - Discounts/gift cards cannot be used on the Mystery Boxes due to the significant discounts

Deluxe Stephen King Mystery Box Contents: 

  • The Dead Zone by Stephen King Limited Edition Slipcased Hardcover (PS, $125 value)
  • 2 Stephen King Limited Edition Hardcovers with a retail value of $95 or more
  • 5 Stephen King trade hardcover books of random titles
  • 2 Special Stephen King collectibles (1st edition books, figurines, signed items and/or more!)
  • Guaranteed retail value of $500+!

Regular Stephen King Mystery Box Contents (Not Guaranteed to Include The Dead Zone): 

  • 1 limited edition hardcover of a Stephen King book with a retail value of $95 or more
  • 1 trade hardcover of a random Stephen King book
  • 1 surprise item (art print/DVD/1st edition paperback/other items)
  • Guaranteed retail value of $120 or more!

Mystery Box Info: Deluxe Stephen King Mystery Boxes will ship to USA customers as items come into stock with all items expected to be shipped by Q4 2021 (most will ship in 2020). International customers can make separate shipping arrangements to have items ship to them as they come into stock, otherwise the entire Mystery Box will ship to overseas customers at once when all items are in stock. Regular Stephen King Mystery Boxes are expected to ship by Q4 2020.

Product Info: PREORDER (ETA: The Dead Zone expected to ship Summer 2020, Stephen King Deluxe Mystery Box all contents by Q4 2021, Regular Mystery Box by Q4 2020. The Dead Zone special edition published by PS Publishing (UK)