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Limit 1 Per Customer/Household - 500 Signed & Numbered Hardcover Edition

Gauntlet presents Joseph Stefano’s scripts from the classic ABC television anthology series The Outer Limits. For the first time ever, the Stefano family has authorized a limited edition publication entitled From the Inner Mind To…The Outer Limits Scripts of Joseph Stefano, Volume One. The book will feature six classic and two fully scripted but never produced episodes all written by the master himself.

From the Inner Mind will offer a unique and definitive look into Joseph Stefano’s innovative teleplays from season one. Stefano had a very distinct vision for an Outer Limits episode and these manuscripts will showcase these timeless tales from the writer’s perspective. All of the manuscripts included in this edition originated from the personal archives of Joseph Stefano. Featuring some of the greatest Gothic Science Fiction stories ever written, this edition will showcase the cherished legacy of this gifted writer.

A limited lettered and numbered edition will be produced. The numbered edition will be signed by Dominic Stefano, the son of Joseph Stefano, and editor Dave Rash. Limited to 500 signed & numbered hardcovers worldwide. 

The scripts scheduled to appear in this volume include:

  • “Don’t Open Till Doomsday”
  • “The Zanti Misfits”
  • “It Crawled Out of the Woodwork”
  • “The Invisibles”
  • “A Feasibility Study”
  • “The Forms of Things Unknown” – The filmed Outer Limits episode that was modified to accommodate the simultaneous filming of a pilot titled The Unknown; an anthology series created and written by Joseph Stefano.
  • “The Forms of Things Unknown” – Recently discovered, this unproduced, full length script was the original Outer Limits story featuring the traditional “bear” or monster.
  • “Small Wonder-Part II” – The epic conclusion to a fully scripted double episode that was never produced.


Product Info: PREORDER (Forthcoming), published by Gauntlet Press