UPDATE: Joshua Hoffine Horror Photography Book

July 17, 2017

The files are being finalized at this very moment and will be submitted to the printer by the end of this week/weekend. After that printing will officially start, likely by the end of July or sometime in August 2017. This is the current timeline for Joshua Hoffine Horror Photography book as of July 17th 2017:


July 25th - August 15th: printing starts

August 15th - 30th: printing phase

September 1st - 30th: printing/binding phase

October 1st - 31st: final production steps, prep for shipment to fulfillment centers

November 1st - 30th: finished books reach fulfillment centers

December 1st - 31st: shipping phase

Thanks to everyone for your patience. Pre-production took about three times longer than expected on this book, but it has come together beautifully and we are confident everyone will be pleased. Watch for more updates as production officially starts in the next 30 days!