UPDATE: Burnt Black Suns Deluxe Special Edition by Simon Strantzas

November 03, 2016

This update is copied from the latest update for Wide, Carnivorous Sky because both titles are affected in the same way:

Our 3rd attempt at sending the signature sheets to Santiago Caruso was once again rejected by Argentina customs. We are asking Santiago Caruso to print the signature sheets directly in Argentina now. If he is unable to do this, we will be visiting FedEx to discuss private courier options to reach Santiago in Argentina by next week. If both of these options fail, we will have no choice but to remove Santiago from the signature sheets for this title and ship directly to the other contributors. Apologies to our customers as Argentina has changed their law recently and it has made getting packages to artist Santiago Caruso incredibly difficult and we are currently investigating the best ways to reach him.

If neither of these solutions will work, the new set of signature sheets without Santiago will be printed and shipped by November 25th. Giving 30 days for the contributors to sign and ship them to our printer/binder, we are now anticipating printing to begin on this title by late December/early January, still putting it on track for a Q1 2017 delivery date.

Thank you to our customers for your patience and we will be doing all we can to get these sheets to Santiago. Another update will be posted when a decision has been made on how to move forward with the signature sheets.

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