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An aimless driver in the mountains comes upon something that’s both more and less than he hoped for. A child discovers why you should always stay in bed if you wake up in the middle of the night. A homeowner unpacks the wrong bag of groceries, and comes to suspect his neighbors might have secrets that he doesn’t want to know. A cable shopping channel presenter is confronted with disgruntled customers from a *very* long way out of town ... and a man sets himself to rid the world of one of its most famous lies, and winds up destroying himself instead.

Michael Marshall Smith’s last short story collection was hailed as “stellar” by Publishers Weekly (Starred Review) and a “major publishing event” by Ellen Datlow, and it won the International Horror Guild Award. You’re invited to return to the short fiction of New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author Michael Marshall Smith: it is Everything You Need.


This Is Now
Walking Wounded
The Seventeenth Kind
A Place For Everything
The Last Barbeque
The Stuff That Goes On In Their heads
The Good Listener
Different Now
Author Of The Death*
Sad, Dark Thing
What Happens When You Wake Up In The Night
The Things He Said
The Woodcutter*
Everything You Need*
Story Notes
*Original to this collection


Product info: SHORT-TERM PREORDER (shipping by March/April 2023), published by Earthling Publications