Pirates of the Old World Information

06/24/2018: Pirates of the Old World is an anthology of cosmic horror and weird fiction created and edited by Chris Morey. The first volume will be published by Dark Regions Press in 2019 and features wraparound cover artwork by Richard Luong (Cthulhu Wars). It will be one of the flagship Dark Regions Press products of 2019 and is a shared world anthology on a chronological timeline.

The first volume of Pirates of the Old World has 6 story slots. There are two pirate clans that this volume focuses on, and there will be 3 stories covering both pirate clans (6 stories total).

Both pirate clan kingdoms/camps are under siege and terror by strange creatures and things from the sea. This anthology reflects when the sea terrors first begin their onslaught against the pirates. Secretly, deep in the ocean, Cthulhu is being enchanted to be awoken by an army of the Old Ones who are actively running the city of R'lyeh and turning it into an empire. Their empire is growing so strong that they are trying to destroy any other camps/civilizations in the vicinity.

Pirates of the Old World focuses on two pirate clans: the Summoners and the Mechanics. The Summoners use black magik to summon demons to fight for them (primary use of their magik), they also can use it to raise the dead and the more powerful Summoners can cast some spells.

The Mechanics use ingenuity and science to use spare parts to create giant, Steampunk like machines and ships. Along with the Summoners, their power was enough to drive out all other pirate clans in the area. There has always been an uneasy truce between these two clans, but the power each possess is enough to convince each other that trade is better than war.


The Summoners are different than other pirate clans because of their ability to wield Black Magik to raise demons from a dark alternate realm that their specific form of magic connects with. These demons are almost always unwieldy when summoned, resulting in destruction and chaos, but the Black Magik ensures in most cases that the source summoners are somewhat obeyed. This Black Magik and the ways to wield it are fiercely guarded by the clan and passed down through generations. Their youth are trained starting at a young age in the Black Magik ways, and sometimes the kids can cause a little trouble with their newfound abilities.

The encampment for The Summoners is in the center of the Undead Swamps. There is an island at the middle of these treacherous swamps, but to reach it you must battle your way through a dark jungle and black swampy waters full of ravenous undead corpses and creatures. It's virtually impossible to make it through the entire swamp alive without an army or magic assistance. Using Black Magik, the Summoners created a force field of sorts around their island where the dead dare not pass except when invited. If you travel outside of this invisible Black Magik force field into the swamps, death is a strong possibility. Those who die join the others in the swamps.

The captain, working name Captain Kane, is over 400 years old and the oldest living member of the clan. He has a long black beard, long black hair and deep, piercing and intelligent eyes. He is the most skilled Black Magik wielder, able to summon the largest of demons, raise the dead and create unique spells that others cannot thanks to his centuries of study and practice. His ship, working name The Summoner, has an armor shell built of demon bones, shields and other artifacts gathered over hundreds of years of battle. The ship is enchanted and imbued with Black Magik and can descend underwater like a submarine among other powers. Captain Kane's body is covered in scars, for when he summons a demon from this dark realm, it creates a branding in his skin that represents the creature he summoned/spell he used.