J. F. Gonzalez

J.F. Gonzalez (1964 - 2014) was the author of over thirty novels (under his own name as well as several pseudonyms), mostly in the horror and thriller genres, including the seminal Survivor and the popular Clickers series. Gonzalez sometimes collaborated with authors Mark Williams, Brian Keene, Wrath James White, Mike Oliveri, and others. He was also the author of over two hundred short stories (again under his own name as well as several pseudonyms), several of which were listed as "Recommended Reads" in Ellen Datlow's annual Year's Best Fantasy and Horror anthologies.

Many more Gonzalez novels are slated for posthumous release. Some (like Retreat and the Survivor prequel Monsters) were completed before his death. Others (like The Crossroads, Final Retreat, and the other Survivor prequel Animals) will be completed by Brian Keene, Wrath James White, and others, using Gonzalez's partial manuscripts and detailed notes and plot outlines. In addition, all of his out-of-print titles are slated for reissue via Midnight Library.

For more information on his work, please visit www.jfgonzalez.org.