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What's in a Name limited chapbook produced by Lividian Publications, stories regarding the alternate titles for some of King's books. Limited to 400 copies, signed by author Bev Vincent and artist Francois Vaillancourt. Includes the bonus postcard pack, brand new still sealed!

This chapbook is the result of Bev's fascination with Stephen King’s “working titles” — the title given to a book or story while it’s being written — and how King’s titles have occasionally changed by the time the project is announced… and even one title that changed after the official announcement.

Bev Vincent is one of the “go to” experts for all things Stephen King, and this insightful essay includes a ton of interesting facts. Which title was changed because a family member refused to say the original title? Which one was changed because the publisher said they didn’t know how they could sell a book with that title? Bev explains everything we know about these Stephen King titles that could have been.

Then François Vaillancourt fired up his powerful imagination and created his version of each book’s cover with the original title. He even kept some of the design details era-specific in terms of what book covers looked like at the time the book would have been published.

Bev Vincent and François Vaillancourt have both signed the signature sheets for this chapbook, which is limited to 400 numbered copies.

For those who are curious, here are some of the original Stephen King titles that Bev Vincent discusses:

Getting It On
Second Coming
The Shine
Roland Draws Three
Night Moves
The Napkins
The Annie Wilkes Edition
Gypsy Pie
In the Path of the Eclipse
What Tricks Your Eye
Unnatural Acts of Human Intercourse
The Crawling Shadow
The Suicide Prince
and more!

Product info: shipping now, published by Lividian Publications