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“Wow! This is one terrific horror/suspense/disaster novel. Characters you root for and a story that grips from the first page.”
— Stephen King

This absolutely massive deluxe special edition is lavishly crafted with collectors and readers alike in mind. Exclusive to this Lividian Publications edition is a foreword by James Coltrane (a.k.a Stewart O’Nan), plus eleven original black and white illustrations, a full-color frontispiece, and a full-color wrap-around dust jacket painting by François Vaillancourt. 

Special Features:
• Eleven black and white interior illustrations by François Vaillancourt
• Full-color wrap-around dust jacket painting by François Vaillancourt
• Full-color frontispiece by François Vaillancourt hand-tipped at the front of the book
• “Better Know a Ghost,” an original foreword by James Coltrane a.k.a Stewart O’Nan

Deluxe Production Features:
• Offset printed on an acid-free archival quality paper stock
• A fine binding of imported cloth
• Hot foil stamping on the front cover and spine
• Smyth-sewn to create a more durable binding
• Twine head and tail bands
• High-quality endpapers
• Sewn-in satin ribbon page marker
• Custom-made slipcase stamped with hot foil and featuring a unique die-cut window
• Signed by Scott Carson, Stewart O’Nan, and François Vaillancourt
• Limited to 750 signed and numbered copies
• Page Count: 616

About the Book:
Far upstate, in New York’s ancient forests, a drowned village lies beneath the dark, still waters of the Chilewaukee reservoir. Early in the 20th century, the town was destroyed for the greater good: bringing water to the millions living downstate. Or at least that’s what the politicians from Manhattan insisted at the time. The local families, settled there since America’s founding, were forced from their land, but they didn’t move far, and some didn’t move at all…

Now, a century later, the repercussions of human arrogance are finally making themselves known. An inspector assigned to oversee the dam, dangerously neglected for decades, witnesses something inexplicable. It turns out that more than the village was left behind in the waters of the Chill when it was abandoned. The townspeople didn’t evacuate without a fight. A dark prophecy remained, too, and the time has come for it to be fulfilled. Those who remember must ask themselves: who will be next? For sacrifices must be made. And as the dark waters begin to inexorably rise, the demand for a fresh sacrifice emerges from the deep…

About the Author:
Scott Carson is the pen name for a New York Times bestselling author and screenwriter. He lives in New England–just above a dam.

Reviews and Praise:
Wow! This is one terrific horror/suspense/disaster novel. Characters you root for and a story that grips from the first page.
— Stephen King, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Shining and Bag of Bones

Horror has a new name and it’s Scott Carson. The Chill is an eerie dive into the murky depths of the supernatural. A story that has you looking back over your shoulder on every page.
– Michael Connelly, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Night Fire

The Chill features a clever and chilling premise, and Scott Carson delivers on the promise of it with swift clear prose, well-defined characters, and terrific suspense. This is a must read for fans of eerie, gripping storytelling.
– Dean Koontz, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Night Window

Scott Carson’s The Chill may be the perfect thriller. Great characters. Creeping dread and explosive reveals. Pacing that never lets up. Maybe some of the best conversation with the dead since Stephen King’s The Shining.
– Alma Katsu, critically acclaimed author of The Deep and The Hunger

The year’s best spine-tingler is already here. The Chill is a good old-fashioned ghost story, meticulously researched and brilliantly executed. If you’ve ever wished for a cross between ‘Chinatown’ and ‘The Fog,’ Scott Carson has answered your dark prayers…
– John Connolly, internationally bestselling author of The Book of Bones

Scott Carson’s The Chill is a hold-your-breath horror thriller, full of mounting dread. Carson weaves classic chills and nuanced characters into a story both compelling and creepy as hell. Don’t miss it!
– Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling author of Snowblind

With The Chill, Scott Carson has written a spooky, thrilling, and genuinely moving tale of righteous obsession from beyond the grave, with a setting and characters that leap off the page. If you like Stephen King or Joe Hill, you must read Scott Carson.
– Nick Petrie, nationally bestselling author of The Wild One and Tear It Down

Product info: PREORDER (ETA: First Quarter 2022), published by Lividian Publications