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Forces both internal and external can take control over the human mind. Some declare these losses of control as demonic possessions, others explain them as psychotic delusions. 

Black Labyrinth Anthology I : Possession is the first anthology in the critically acclaimed Black Labyrinth imprint from Dark Regions Press. Focusing on those possessed by internal and/or external forces, the anthology will be published in ebook, trade paperback and Flood Black Signed & Numbered Hardcover editions in Q4 2019. There was an open submissions writing contest with a $2,000 prize pool for this book and the submission window closed on January 31st 2019 with winners to be announced Summer 2019. This special early preorder page is to support the new writing contest and the first Black Labyrinth anthology. The book will contain 7 stories from the writing contest and stories from invited authors.


  • Signed by all contributors
  • Limited to maximum of 300 signed & numbered hardcover copies worldwide
  • Special illustration by Santiago Caruso
  • Hardcover-exclusive bonus materials
  • Designed to match other Flood Black signed & numbered hardcover editions in the imprint with Black Labyrinth skull stamped in gold on front cover
  • New book numbering sequence for Black Labyrinth anthology series


Includes signed & numbered Flood Black hardcovers of Black Labyrinth Book III: The Booking by Ramsey Campbell and Black Labyrinth Anthology I : Possession. Also includes ebook & paperback editions of both books and Black Labyrinth Book II: Prisoner 489 by Joe R. Lansdale. All items except for Possession ship within 7-10 business days.

The Black Labyrinth imprint consists of ten psychological horror novellas by the masters of horror and dark fiction illustrated by Santiago Caruso with three books published so far: Book I: The Walls of the Castle by Tom Piccirilli (out of print), Book II: Prisoner 489 by Joe R. Lansdale and Book III: The Booking by Ramsey Campbell. Each book is offered in special limited Black Labyrinth hardcover editions featuring the skull logo stamped in gold on the book cover/slipcase/traycase. A new anthology line has been created in the Black Labyrinth imprint starting with Anthology I : Possession.

Product Information: Published by Dark Regions Press, Preorder (Forthcoming 2023) in ebook, trade paperback and signed & numbered (flood black) hardcover formats.