Burnt Black Suns Press Release

Dark Regions Press, LLC Portland, OR DarkRegions.com 01/11/2016 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: darkregions.media@gmail.com Dark Regions Press is offering a leather-bound deluxe hardcover edition of Simon Strantzas's critically acclaimed horror and weird fiction collection: Burnt Black Suns. Simon Strantzas has continued his rise as one of the top short story writers in horror and weird fiction today with his excellent collection Burnt Black Suns. Previously only offered in ebook and paperback formats, Dark Regions Press is bringing the first signed limited edition of the book to Strantzas fans with a new afterword/story notes from the author, five new interior illustrations by artist Jethro Lentle based on the stories, the original cover painting by Santiago Caruso and more. More on the new deluxe edition of Simon Strantzas's critically acclaimed fourth collection of fiction can be found on the DarkRegions.com website where it is currently available for preorder with only 66 signed and numbered copies available: http://www.darkregions.com/books/new-releases/burnt-black-suns-by-simon-strantzas-deluxe-special-edition “With Burnt Black Suns, Strantzas continues a trajectory into deeper darkness . . . and in some respects the odyssey has brought him closer to the primal core of the tradition and its rawest, purest essentials.”-From Laird Barron’s foreword “The stories of Simon Strantzas exemplify a style of horror that might be compared to the novellas of T. E. D. Klein.”-Thomas Ligotti “Burnt Black Suns demonstrates Strantzas’s remarkable narrative skills, his unerring, feverish sense of pace, and his absolute willingness to hurl himself into the darkest ranges of his excellent imagination.”-Peter Straub “In Burnt Black Suns Strantzas casts far into time and space to find the alien, and what comes back wriggling inside his net is ghastly.”-Adam Nevill MEDIA CONTACT: Caitlin Waite darkregions.media@gmail.com DarkRegions.com   burntblacksuns-deluxe-special-edition-front Burnt-Black-Suns-by-Santiago-Caruso-Ink-scratch-over-plastered-cardboard-2014   Artwork by Jethro Lentle, Interior Artist for Burnt Black Suns Deluxe Special Edition