Dark Regions Press Did a Fundraiser for Tom Piccirilli - Dark Regions Revisited

August 24, 2019

Tom Piccirilli was a brilliant author of dark fiction who is sorely missed by his many fans and friends around the world. It was a privilege for Dark Regions Press and editor Chris Morey to work with Tom on his novella The Walls of the Castle (out of print) which was Book I in the Black Labyrinth imprint. When it was revealed that Tom was sick it motivated us to start a fundraiser where an additional % of profits on top of his royalties earned for The Walls of the Castle were donated to help with his medical bills. We are glad to say that this Dark Regions Press fundraiser created an additional $1,109 which we sent to Tom Piccirilli's PayPal account. Overall with an advance payment, story payment, the fundraiser and royalties Dark Regions Press sent over $4,000 in 17 separate payments to Tom Piccirilli and his wife from 2012 to 2018, including royalty payments sent after Tom tragically passed away in July 2015. 

We all miss author Tom Piccirilli, and this post is meant to be in remembrance of his unique and talented voice. Dark Regions Press is glad that we did a fundraiser which raised an additional $1,109 for Tom Piccirilli's medical bills, and we wish his wife Michelle the absolute best. Thank you for reading.