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The Revenant of Rebeccal Pascal by David Barker and W. H. Pugmire
With a new introduction from David Barker
100 signed and numbered trade paperback editions by David Barker and the artist Erin Wells!
A haunting Lovecraftian novella! Front cover, and six full color interior illustrations by Erin Wells.
136 pages
Edited by Joe Morey

In witch-haunted Arkham, a restless spirit takes possession of an innocent woman and brings havoc to all who encounter her. Inspired in part by H. P. Lovecraft’s “The Thing on the Doorstep,” The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal takes you to ghostly houses and sinister Arkham burying grounds, where alchemy and madness join forces with a daemonic entity aroused from beyond the wall of sleep. But be warned: to learn these secrets of the worm is to have one’s sanity infected!


“The Revenant Of Rebecca Pascal, in my opinion is a masterpiece of modern literature, that ranks right up there with some of the best books I have ever read!”
Peter Schwotzer, Literary Mayham

“Tales of Lovecraftian terror have never really waned in popularity, and no one creates cosmic horror more satisfying than the authors of this new novella set in the infamously haunted town of Arkham. This is an elegantly horrifying homage to the great master of cosmic terror that fans of Lovecraftian horror will find most satisfying.”
J. L. Comeau, “The Tomb of Dark Delights”

“Barker and Pugmire have artfully blended their considerable talents to bring us an enthralling and atmospheric tale of mystery and the uncanny. From chapter one, The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal had me thoroughly possessed.”
Jeffrey Thomas, author of Ghosts of Punktown

“Richard Pascal has inherited his aunt’s fortune and house in Arkham, Massachusetts. Content with moving there and living a life of reading and relaxation, his plans are soon put on hold when his aunt’s ghost returns to reassemble her old cult. With its classic gothic overtones, The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal is a light read that will appeal to any fan of a well-crafted ghost story.”
Mike Beardsall, Rue Morgue Magazine

“The lyrical talents of David Barker and W.H. Pugmire make a fine blend. This tale of obsession stronger than death – and one man’s struggle against the cosmic consequences – flows right along while retaining its Gothic / poetic sensibility. It should appeal to all devotees of the Bard of Providence in search of an evening’s disquiet.”
Ann K. Schwader

“All devotees of Lovecraft will find many vivid echoes of their idol in this enthralling novella.”
S. T. Joshi

“The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal by David Barker and W. H. Pugmire is one of the best weird fiction novellas of the year and also one of the most terrifying cosmic horror novellas ever published, because the atmosphere is wonderfully eerie and macabre and full of eldritch menace that can only be found in the best Lovecraftian stories.”
Seregil of Ghiminee, Risingshadow

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