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In these eleven searing stories, Jeffrey Thomas (Blue War, Deadstock) takes us on another tour of the infamous far-future colony known as Punktown, its streets raging with violence and danger, its alleys stalked by aliens and muntants, its citizens struggling to retain their humanity, dignity, and sanity in the oppressive shadows of its soaring cold towers. Mixing mind-bending science fiction with bone-chilling horror, Thomas again demonstrates why his initital collection Punktown was met with wide acclaim.

"Punktown is one of the best examples of SF horror currently out there." - Ellen Datlow, in Locus

Product Information: ISBN-13: [978-1626411845], Page Count: [210], MSRP: $24.95, Trim Size: [6 x 9 inches], Distribution: Ingram Book Group (ipage), Retailer Contact. Previously offered in 100 signed and numbered hardcover and deluxe 13 slipcased hardcover (sold out).