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Fourteen spine-tingling excursions into realms of nightmare in the tradition of H. P. Lovecraft, including two full-length novellas never before published, will leave you longing for refuge. Here hide horrors that burrow under the skin to lay eggs of anguish inside the brain. Waking them may mean never sleeping again … or sleeping forever.

Thousands of years ago, a civilization that inhabited the Gobi Desert chiseled off the face of their stone god. Now modern technology will recreate the visage they destroyed.… Nova Scotian sailors have a charming custom of saluting an isolated rock formation that resembles a mother and child … but it is an inhuman statue of something else entirely.… A dark lake hides more than a bereft father’s grief.…

A doomed beast learns what being a monster truly means.… The unguessable secrets behind the House of Usher are unveiled by an unwilling guest.… Witch-kin may be worse than no family at all for a lonely youth.… A nursing job at a care facility in Innsmouth—what could go wrong?

In league with the village church, a wealthy mine owner exploits orphans … or serves a deity far more ominous than two young schoolteachers realize.… An archaeologist is fascinated by two lost civilizations—and their gods, whose enmity persists into the present day.… Holes form, sent from another world, that presage fearsome mental emissaries.… Buried on an impossibly distant island by none other than John Dee, the warnings against exhuming it should not have been ignored.… Some men want what they should not have, cannot refuse a terrible gift.… In a post-apocalyptic America, a hideous religion has a use for an untainted man.… A young lady sent to England to become a governess finds something worse than an entrepreneur’s traveling menagerie aboard the doomed vessel on which she sails.

Other worlds exist that press against our own—and sometimes things pass through the edges where sanity has rubbed thin. From the fertile imagination of Donald Tyson, a reading experience that takes you down paths untrodden, through unmarked forests, with no signposts to lead you back home.


A brand new horror collection with two brand new novellas written in the tradition of H. P. Lovecraft!
Cover art: M. Wayne Miller
Editor: Joe Morey
Co-Editor: S. T. Joshi

“Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places.”

— H.P. Lovecraft


“I’m actually not certain when exactly Donald Tyson’s Skinless Face released (its drop seems to have made no virtual splash, and I know I’ve had my reviewer’s copy for a year or longer), but the inside cover of my copy says 2020 so we’re rolling with that. This magnificent release contains two unpublished novellas and fourteen total tales from Tyson, a respected occult author and veteran of Lovecraftian fiction. While there’s nothing here that revolutionizes the over saturated world of Lovecraftian fiction, it’s a very enjoyable collection, and I’ve found myself drawn to it again and again throughout the year. It’s definitely an overlooked winner for readers with a taste for well crafted weird fiction reminiscent of the classics.” - Ten books you shouldn’t miss from 2020, Silent Motorist Media

“Donald Tyson is one of the most scintillating writers in the Lovecraftian tradition. The stories in this book, with their richly textured style, vivid characterization, and compelling scenarios, are among the best examples of contemporary Cthulhu Mythos fiction.” S. T. Joshi

“… Tyson takes Lovecraft’s Cthulian mythos and weaves it into the real world almost seamlessly. Tyson’s understanding of Lovecraft’s world and gods is phenomenal, and he shows a great ability to make that mythos his own.” Tobias Mastgrave

“… Tyson wove Lovecraft’s Mythos with genuine bits of history, myth, and magick to create an eerie sense of believability.” Drew Montgomerey, RPGNET

“A fascinating glimpse in the mechanizations of Lovecraft’s world as the journey one would need to take in order to be crazy enough to create the Necronomicon.” The Hopeful Librarian


Product info: in-stock (shipping starts in February), published by Weird House Press