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They are all here … the Great Old Ones, the Deep Ones, Dagon, Gol-goroth and the Shoggoth, half-human mutants, horrific marine beasts and all the other chilling denizens of the Cthulhu Mythos, brought to life again in one story and four short novels.

The Death of Vanessa Fell

A wealthy publisher heads north to help console a grieving friend from college days, little knowing he is on a journey out beyond the very gates of Death, into a realm occupied by ancient beings and cruel gods, where madness, terror and betrayal reign.

The Darkness in the Harbour

An infantry captain from the First World War finds himself marooned while traveling through the Far East, abandoned on a tramp steamer that lies moored in the waters off Hong Kong. Except he soon suspects that he is not alone, and his investigations lead him to a tragic tale of loss and to a truth far deadlier than any he has known before.

The Orphanage at Trellaree

In a sleepy little Irish coastal town, a huge dark building – the Menningdale Orphanage – hangs above the rooftops like some threatening cloud. And when the newly-arrived local doctor tries to find out more about the place, he finds himself plunged into a world where human beings have no place and timeless forces are at work.

The Shadow Out of London

In the near-future, that great capital city lies in ruins and is viewed with dread. But when two neighbors start to realize that a new danger has sprung up in the place, they set off to confront it, never once guessing at the true appalling nature of the horror that has now arisen there.

…and then there is THE HOWLING TERROR.


A New Lovecraftian collection!
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The Howling Terror and Other Lovecraftian Horror Stories by Tony Richards
Edited by Joe Morey
100 signed and numbered trade paperback editions signed by Tony Richards and K. L. Turner!
Front cover and interior art by K. L. Turner
Page count: 220


“Brilliant, well thought-out and perfectly delivered by Tony Richards, who understands the balance that must be upheld between fantasy and reality … he has immediately established himself a favorite in my mind.”
Horror Novel Reviews

“Richards is a master at combining horror, fantasy and humor in a way that will mesmerize readers from cover to cover.”
Rhomyilly Forbes, Romantic times Book Revews

“A terrific author. A unique and eloquent voice.”
John Pelan

“A master of the art!”
Black Static magazine

“An amazing voice.”
James A. Moore, author

“Man, this guy can write.”
Ed Gorman, author

“Richards confirms his superb storytelling skill and refreshes the pleasure of savoring fine prose.”
SF Site

“A hell of a writer, one of today’s masters of dark fiction.”
Mario Guslandi, Horror World

“The rest of us stand on the sidelines with eyes wide open at his audacity and wonder what he’ll do next.”
Peter Tennant, Black Static


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