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The Cal Wild Chronicles continues with THE BURDEN OF INDIGO, the story that started it all.

In 1981 Gene O'Neill published a five thousand word short story in The Twilight Zone Magazine called "The Burden of Indigo," which launched his award-winning career of writing horror, science fiction, and fantasy.

This novel-sized expansion of Gene's original well-loved story is the second of the four volumes, illustrated throughout by Orion Zangara. THE BURDEN OF INDIGO begins where THE CONFESSIONS OF ST. ZACH left off, and follows the story of an indigo man. Dyed long ago for perhaps the ultimate crime, he believes his color is starting to fade, and with visions of a Rainbow Man on his mind, he wants to know why. Is he beginning to heal?

Also included in this volume is a short history and background by Gene, as well as the original short story version of "The Burden of Indigo" as it originally appeared in The Twilight Zone Magazine.

Product Information Available in Ebook (shipping now), Trade Paperback (shipping now, ISBN: 9781626411906, 278 pages, MSRP $24.95) and deluxe slipcased hardcover (Preorder ETA: Q4 2018) available on DarkRegions.com, Amazon, various bookstores and libraries and Available at Standard Wholesale Discount in Ingram Book Group Distribution Catalog (ipage).


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