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Ten new tales from the mad Arab who wrote the NECRONOMICON!

One of H.P. Lovecraft’s most compelling characters Abdul Aharzed, writer of the dreaded grimoire, the NECRONOMICON is back with ten new tales! This is a fine mix of Lovecraftian horror and sword & sorcery!

It is the dawn of Islam. The Civilized world, Christian and pagan alike, has bowed before the sword of the prophet Mohammed. On to this heroic stage steps Abdul Alhazred, a poet of Yemen who in his later years will write the most dangerous of all books, the Necronomicon. Some say that he is mad, others say he is a fool.

Horribly Disfigured in his youth by the king of his native land, he was cast into the great desert known as the Empty Space to die, but he did not die. He learned how to survive against any foe, natural or supernatural. He became a necromancer, and through the use of his wits made a home for himself in the ancient city of Damascus.

Follow him on adventures across the sands of Arabia and through the twisted streets and graveyards of the oldest city in the world, where horrors and mysteries lurk in every shadow. Go with him as he encounters gigantic djinn, consorts with corpse-devouring ghouls, and battles for his life against powerful sorcerers and alien creatures out of nightmare–wonders that will change you forever.

Quick Info: Available in trade paperback and signed limited edition hardcover (ebook available in Cthulhu Mythos Ebook Bundle and coming soon standalone)