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From the Bram Stoker Award nominated poet of Shroud of Night, Strange Vegetables, Bone Sprockets, 25 Cent Rocket Ship To The Stars and The Other Side of the Lens comes a new collection of 42 poems in the realm of the undead. Full of humor, charm and chilling imagery, Scenes Along the Zombie Highway by G.O. Clark strikes the perfect balance of levity, commentary and horror in the realm of the living dead.

Zombies! There are all kinds of zombies out there these days, from the slow-witted, slow-moving kind, to the more steroid pumped-up versions of recent film and TV. In Scenes Along the Zombie Highway, you'll encounter the living dead in all their ragged, rotten glory, and upon finishing the book, leave with a twisted smile upon your face.

Product Information: ISBN-13: [9781626411760], MSRP $12.95, Page Count: [64], Trim Size: [5.5"x8.5" inches], Distribution: Ingram Book Group (ipage).

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