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Orders with Dark Regions Press ship from one of three places:

  1. Directly from the printer (most trade paperbacks, some hardcovers)
  2. From a fulfillment provider (most hardcovers and other items, some paperbacks)
  3. From us directly (high-end items like ultra-deluxe traycased editions, rare and unique items, special requests)

1. Directly from the Printer - Most Trade Paperbacks, Some Hardcovers

Most orders for Dark Regions Press titles in paperback on will be shipped to you directly from the printer via UPS (Ground/Priority). You will not receive an e-mail from them, but will from us when we mark your order as shipped. These printers ship efficiently and allow us to offer significantly reduced shipping rates to international customers for most DRP paperbacks.

2. From a Fulfillment Provider - Most Hardcovers and Other Items, Some Paperbacks

Hardcover orders (except very high-end/rare items) and some paperbacks are shipped via our fulfillment providers. They will send you an e-mail with tracking information and usually ship via UPS or USPS (Media/Priority/Express). You will also receive an e-mail from us when your order is marked as Fulfilled.

3. From us Directly - High-End Items Ultra-Deluxe Traycased Editions, Rare and Unique Items, Special Requests

The only items that ship from us directly are very high-end editions ($300+ retail value), some special requests or rare and unique items. When we ship directly it's always via USPS (First-Class/Media/Priority/Express domestic or international). You will receive an e-mail from us with tracking information when your order is shipped.

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