Santiago Caruso

SANTIAGO CARUSO (Quilmes, Argentina 1982) cultivates a language of novel and personal rhetoric, although grounded in the symbolist aesthetics of the 19th century. Its production stands out as much for the discursive com- plexity as for the vigor of the technique. Dedicated to fantastique, his most important illustrated versions include: Jane Eyre (Folio Society); The Chants of Maldoror (Valdemar); The Dunwich Horror, The Bloody Countess, The Monk and the Hangman´s Daughter, The King of Yellow (Libros del Zorro Rojo); DARK MATTER (artbook), El Eco de mis Muertes (author edition); The Walls of the Castle, Prisoner 489, The Booking (Black Labyrinth imprint from Dark Regions Press).

He has made book covers for Tartarus Press, Actes Sud, Planeta, Sudamericana and Páginas de Espuma. Also he develops album covers for various bands in America and Europe.

As a teacher and disseminator, he is invited to give lectures and seminars in other countries.

Since 2015, he has driven the cycle El Aguijón de la Noche, where he performs live pictorial improvisations, in interaction with music and recited prose and poetry, in an attempt to recover for the secular world, the ritual articulation of icon, music and word.

The artwork of Caruso is well represented in galleries and museums of Argentina, United States, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Brazil, Mexico and Spain.