UPDATE: Richard Laymon Dark Regions Press Book Series

October 27, 2016

Due to the delays incurred with Richard Laymon’s Night Show Special Definitive Edition, we are waiting until 100% of materials are in place including signed signature sheets before offering Richard Laymon’s Funland Special Definitive Edition for preorder. We anticipate this preorder (Funland) to launch in Q1/Q2 2017.

As we are gathering materials for Funland we are simultaneously gathering materials for Midnight’s Lair. Our goal is to have Midnight’s Lair ready to start at the printers by Q4 2017 and to have an according preorder for Richard Laymon’s Midnight’s Lair Special Definitive Edition in Q4 2017 as well.

Thank you to all Laymon fans for your patience and support of Night Show Special Definitive Edition. We are excited to bring you Funland Special Definitive Edition in 2017! Expect more news and a cover reveal to come in Q1 2017.

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