Ray Bradbury SIGNED Hardcovers and Special Edition News!

May 07, 2020

SIGNED Ray Bradbury Limited Edition Numbered Hardcovers Available for Short-Term Preorder!

Want to add a limited edition hardcover signed by the great Ray Bradbury himself to your collection? We now have a limited amount of additional copies of Bullet Trick signed & numbered hardcover and Masks signed & numbered hardcover, both signed by Ray by hand and numbered by hand (PC copy in photo is just an example) available for short-term preorder! Thanks to everyone who shops with Dark Regions Press.

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ALMOST SOLD OUT: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Special Edition

This year marks the Centennial of Ray Bradbury’s birth, and to celebrate the life and work of this beloved and visionary author, Suntup Editions is delighted to announce a fine press limited edition of Fahrenheit 451.

Highly regarded as Ray Bradbury’s masterpiece, Fahrenheit 451 depicts a dystopian society in which all books are outlawed and burned. The novel follows the personal evolution and journey of Guy Montag, from a fireman for whom it is a pleasure to burn books, to a man disillusioned with the censoring of knowledge and dedicated to the preservation of literature.

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