I AM THE ABYSS Kickstarter-Exclusive Trade Paperback Proof Photos - Shipping to Backers Soon

January 31, 2019

After a long journey, we are very happy to announce that we have a full paperback proof of the Kickstarter-exclusive trade paperback edition of I AM THE ABYSS in our possession. The printer will be completing this limited print run of the Kickstarter-exclusive edition in February and we expect shipments to start by March. The retail paperback will ship within 60 days of the Kickstarter-exclusive edition, and the deluxe slipcased hardcover edition within 60-90 days thereafter.

Thank you to everyone for your enduring patience on this very special project. We faced numerous challenges with I AM THE ABYSS, including it being switched between printers/binders three times and a plethora of preproduction delays, but we can't wait to get this shipped to our customers. 

The retail trade paperback will be identical to the one included in these photos except the cover will feature the white skull ring artwork seen on the Table of Contents page instead of Menton3's cover artwork for the Kickstarter-exclusive edition. You can preorder I AM THE ABYSS in ebook, trade paperback and deluxe signed slipcased hardcover at darkregions.com/iamtheabyss

Thanks guys, and we'll be posting another update when we get the books from the printer and shipping starts!