Find the Hidden Coins on to Win Prizes

August 23, 2018

NEW (08/30/2018): 2 more hidden coins added to website! If you placed an order with the first 5 coins previously, you can qualify for the 7 Coin Prize only ($5 gift card) by placing a new $30+ order with 6th and 7th coins included.

Virtual golden DRP coins have been scattered throughout the website. Those who find the most coins will reap the most rewards! 

7 Virtual DRP Coins Have Been Added as Products/Product Editions/Variants/Other to the Website - Find Them and Add to Any Order of $30+ to Win Prizes Listed Below - Limited Time Only:

2 Coins With Order: Special Ebook Surprise!

4 Coins With Order: Special Paperback Surprise!

5 Coins With Order: 4 Dark Regions Press Bookmarks, MADHOUSE T-Shirt (while supplies last, 25 shirts remain!) and Special Ebook/Paperback Bundle with Limited Coupon!

7 Coins with Order: $5 Gift Card + Other Prizes!

Good luck to everyone who hunts for the golden coins on - they could be nestled in products long sold out or be password protected where you must find the password to add it to your cart. Make sure to checkout with as many coins as you can find by adding them to your cart. Have fun!

Limit once per customer.

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