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Limit 2 per customer/household

A new grab bag guaranteed to include a Suntup Artist Edition Hardcover shipping now! These summer grab bags can include up to $1,000 in retail value and some grab bags will include extra special limited editions!

Summer 2022 Grab Bag Contents:

  • 1 Artist Edition Hardcover Published by Suntup Editions
  • 1 Limited Edition Hardcover from Another Publisher (Suntup, Earthling, Cemetery Dance, SST Publications, Lividian, PS Publishing, Gauntlet) - Can Be a 2nd Suntup Artist Edition Hardcover!
  • 1 Limited Edition Hardcover Published by Dark Regions Press or a 3rd Limited Edition Hardcover from Another Publisher
  • 1 Surprise Item - Bookmark/Extra Book/Dust Jacket/Poster/Shirt etc.
  • Entire Grab Bag In-Stock and Shipping Now!

Product info: products included in grab bag are published by Suntup Editions and/or another publisher and/or Dark Regions Press, titles are a surprise and due to limited inventory we cannot accept requests, limit 2 per customer/household, shipping now!