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Will Rabjohns, perhaps the most famous wildlife photographer in the world, has made his reputation chronicling the fates of endangered species. But after a terrible accident, Will is left in a coma. And in its depths, he revisits the wildernesses of his youth and relives his life with a mysterious couple who have influenced his life as an artist and a man.

When Will awakens, he sets out on a journey of self-discovery — one where he will penetrate the ultimate mystery and finally unlock the secret of his destiny.

Soaring, provocative and passionate, Sacrament is a masterwork from the pen of one of today’s most acclaimed authors.

As with The Great and Secret Show and Everville, Sacrament will have cover and interior art by Clive Barker. There will be the same massive bonus material (pages from the handwritten first draft and handwritten corrected pages from the typed first draft among others). Richard Christian Matheson provides an introduction.

Product Information: Published by Gauntlet Press. 500 signed and numbered signed by Clive Barker. IN STOCK & SHIPPING NOW!