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“Mary Turzillo sees the bones beneath the skin, and lays bare the nerves. Like shiny scalpels her sardonic and lovely words mordantly reinterpret botany and biology, astronomy and mythologies, crimes and passions, pungently, poignantly.” – Ian Watson, BSFA Award author of The Butterflies of Memory

“In Turzillo's razor-sharp lines, lovers and killers are examined, deftly dissected, and exposed to the world. The lovers and killers that you thought you knew are transformed, viewed from new perspectives. All types are captured in these pages. Even the page and the reader fall under her scrutiny. One can't help but surrender to Turzillo's vision and unique blend of wit and profundity.” – J. E. Stanley, author of Dark Intervals and Intrinsic Night

“Lovers & Killers is another gem-filled collection by a consistently imaginative master. Disturbing, playful, ruthless poetry. Turzillo is an emblem of the speculative poetry genre. She's not afraid to show that Iphigenia, Shakespeare, Fomalhaut, Basho, physics and dragons all exist in the same poetic universe. Her deeply serious irony fills these poems with delightful surprises.” – Timons Esaias, Asimov's Readers Award author, BSFA Award Finalist.

Product Information: Available in trade paperback.


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