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The Best Stories from Dark Discoveries Magazine Spanning Ten Years of Publication Featuring Ray Bradbury, Richard Laymon, Elizabeth Engstrom, John Shirley, W. H. Pugmire, John R. Little, William F. Nolan and Many More!

Discoveries: Best of Horror & Dark Fantasy represents a culmination of a small press journey. Former Dark Discoveries Publisher and Editor-in-Chief James R. Beach and Managing Editor & Designer Jason V Brock collect ten years of award nominees, best of stories, fan favorites and honorable mention tales from the life of DDP (including the magazine, newsletter and the anthologies NW Horrors and Darker Discoveries).

Featuring stories by: Paul Bens Jr., Ray Bradbury, Jason V Brock, Kealan Patrick Burke, Elizabeth Engstrom, Paul Finch, Bill Gauthier, Cody Goodfellow, Gerard Houarner, Richard Laymon, Tim Lebbon, John R. Little, Nick Mamatas, Brett McBean, Michael McBride, James Newman, William F. Nolan, Gene O’Neill, Weston Ochse, Wilum H. Pugmire, Stephen Mark Rainey, David A. Riley, Michelle Scalise, John Shirley, Steve Rasnic Tem, Jeffrey Thomas, Tim Waggoner, Matthew Warner.

Table of Contents

  • A Long, Strange Trip - James R. Beach (Introduction)
  • Unrequited Loss - Elizabeth Engstrom
  • The Umbrella People - Bill Gauthier
  • Amanda’s Gift - Brett McBean
  • Dirty Black Summer - James Newman
  • The Dance of Ugghiutu - Jeffrey Thomas
  • Down in the Dying Rooms - Paul Finch
  • Backwards Man - Matthew Warner
  • Three Floors Down We Cleanse the Soul - Michelle Scalise
  • The Meaning of Existence - Michael McBride
  • The Last Laugh - Kealan Patrick Burke
  • Extern - Tim Waggoner
  • Making Room - Tim Lebbon
  • What Isn’t There - Gerard Houarner
  • Stabbed By Rob - William F. Nolan
  • Megan - Stephen Mark Rainey
  • The Oasis - John R. Little
  • Show Night - Steve Rasnic Tem
  • Some Bacchante of Irem - Wilum Pugmire
  • Rapture of the Deep - Cody Goodfellow
  • The Fragile Mask on His Face - David A. Riley
  • Big Rock Candy Mountain - Weston Ochse
  • The Beheld - Paul Bens Jr.
  • The Shop of Mechanical Insects - Ray Bradbury
  • Raise Your Hand if You’re Dead - John Shirley
  • The Big Dark - Nick Mamatas
  • Graffiti Sonata - Gene O’Neill
  • What the Dead’s Eyes Behold - Jason V Brock
  • The Mirror - Richard Laymon
  • Discovering a Light in the Darkness - Jason V Brock (Afterword)

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