UPDATE: Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King & Owen King Deluxe Hardcover

March 20, 2018

As a title we are offering from another publisher, we can provide their latest production update on Sleeping Beauties deluxe edition which is: 


The special order materials are starting to arrive at the printer (and the rest are due later this month), so it’s officially time for us to get this book rolling. We’ll be sending the printer all of our files, the signature sheets, and the final confirmed spec sheets next week. They’ve already started work on the “dummy” book for our case makers. A dummy book is a BLANK version of the book that is made out of the same materials as the final book and has the correct number of (blank) pages. We need this dummy book to start the slipcase and traycase production, so the slipcases and traycases can be the proper size to fit the books. So, if all goes well, the slipcases and traycases will start into production next month when they have that final sizing.