UPDATE on Multiple Offerings from Dark Regions Press!

May 16, 2019

We wanted to give everyone some quick updates on the shipping status of multiple Dark Regions Press offerings! Thank you to all of our customers for your continued patience and patronage.

Clive Barker Bundle Version 3: our new shipment of The Midnight Meat Train Special Definitive Edition will be in stock next week, so these special Clive Barker Bundles will begin shipping by May 25th.

The Wide, Carnivorous Sky by John Langan Trade Hardcover: our 1st shipment of this edition had serious issues and we had to get it redone and we are happy to report the new shipment is scheduled to be delivered to us next week. This edition will begin shipping to customers by end of May!

I AM THE ABYSS Retail Trade Paperback: after some last-minute adjustments that caused a few extra weeks of delays, we're happy to report that I AM THE ABYSS retail trade paperback should be shipping out in June! We'll be posting a new production update with photos once the books are delivered to us soon.

Richard Laymon's Funland Special Definitive Edition: special subscriber-only red slipcased numbered editions start shipping today and our goal is to ship 99% of these subscriber-only editions by next week. By end of next week 95% of all preorders for Funland will be shipped.

Sacrament by Clive Barker: traycased deluxe editions will start shipping this weekend and into next week. We are still waiting on slipcases for the numbered edition. Besides the slipcased editions, 95% of all Sacrament preorders should be shipped by end of next week.

Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Owen King Deluxe Special Edition: our (large) shipment of this title should be arriving from the publisher by end of May. Due to a large number of preorders, it will take our team at least a week to prep all preorders thereafter and we anticipate this title to begin shipping to customers in June.

Thank you to everyone for your patience as our team works hard to ship out hundreds of packages over the coming days! For any questions please Contact Us.