September 07, 2017

Here is the latest update posted on Kickstarter for Joshua Hoffine's Horror Photography Book copied and pasted in full so all customers can be updated on the status of the book. SUMMARY: production starting by end of September due to proofing errors, shipping expected to start Q1 2018.

Hey guys, so I'm going to tell you exactly what has transpired that has created an unforeseen 60+ days of additional delays. 

First, we would like to apologize to everyone for the delays on this project. As the first photo/coffee table book from Dark Regions Press, we knew it would be an undertaking, but we were still surprised at the sheer task of putting this project together. 
When Joshua was sent the first round of physical proofs from the printer, everything looked fine. Then, in June/July 2017, the 2nd round of proofs, which was supposed to be the last before printing started, were sent to Joshua... and something was very wrong: they had an orange hue to the images that was not there originally. Joshua was unhappy and we scrambled to find the source of the issue (and did). 

Eventually, to make absolutely sure we get this done right, we paid a large amount of money to a local printer next to Joshua so that he could get 100% accurate prints of each and every photo from the book made and shipped to our printer. Right now the printer has these photos and is matching them up to their files. This process should be complete next week, and when it is another round of physical proofs will be sent to Joshua for inspection. If those look fine to Josh (as they should after all of the steps we're taking) then production on the photo book can finally begin this month (September). 

Here's the good news: the book has come together beautifully and once Josh signs off on the next round of physical proofs, printing starts. Here is an updated timeline:


September 15th - 30th: production starts  

October 1st - 31st: production continues  

November 1st - 31st: final production stages 

December 1st - 31st: books shipped to our fulfillment provider 

January - March 2018: shipping phase

Again: we are truly sorry about these delays, but for a photo book it is extremely important that the printing of the images looks correct to the artist. Josh wisely decided to eliminate any unknowns by getting every single photo from the book printed locally then shipped to the printer. This took a lot of extra time, but it will ensure the utmost accuracy in printing of the book itself, which we are hopeful everyone will be thankful for when we all finally hold it in our hands.

Thank you to everyone for your continued patience and understanding. Just to reiterate: at this juncture we just need the printer to ship Josh the new round of proofs, which will happen next week, and for Josh to approve them, which should happen the week thereafter. All of us are staying on top of this process to make sure this happens as quickly as possible.

We will be posting another update this month (September) with a confirmation of when printing starts. Thanks guys, hope everyone has a great weekend and be in touch again very soon.