UPDATE: Dreams from the Witch House Deluxe Edition

April 21, 2017

We have had some unfortunate luck with contributor schedules on these signature sheets… it seems every time they’re sent to someone they’re traveling, have an important deadline or something else going on. These are the final signers that we need to sign the Dreams from the Witch House signature sheets, and we can now safely say these signature sheets have been on the longest journey of any in DRP history.


Sarah Monette
Rachel Kaelin
Amanda Downum
Molly Tanzer
Christine Morgan
Joyce Carol Oates

We are working with each of these final signers to expedite the process and get the signed signature sheets to our binder as quickly as possible. Our current goal is to have the signature sheets to Joyce Carol Oates in New York by the end of May. Once signed they will be shipped directly to our binder and production will finally begin on this volume this summer.

Thanks to everyone for your continued patience and we will be posting an update on the Indiegogo campaign as well and will keep everyone informed as the final signers circulate the signature sheets.



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