PRODUCTION UPDATES June 20th 2019 on Various Upcoming Titles!

June 20, 2019

This post contains updates on multiple titles from Dark Regions Press and other publishers!

Frozen Hell: the trade hardcover is in-stock and will begin shipping next week! The deluxe signed hardcover should begin shipping by June 30th.

Dreams from the Witch House Deluxe Hardcover: books are scheduled to be complete at the printer/binder in July and slipcase production will start immediately thereafter. We are working hard to get this volume shipped to customers by September/October and greatly appreciate the enduring patience of our customers on this volume. We'll post another update when the books are done by July.

I AM THE ABYSS: retail trade paperbacks are almost done and the units will be prepped for shipment by June 30th, it took a couple weeks longer for us to get this one finished than expected, but the retail paperback of I AM THE ABYSS will begin shipping by first half of July. Deluxe signed slipcased hardcover will have the books complete this summer with slipcase production starting immediately thereafter for a likely Q3/Q4 shipping date. I AM GATEWAY traycased editions are also likely to be shipped in Q4. Thank you to everyone for your patience on this volume and watch for the retail trade paperback to ship soon.

Demiurge: The Complete Cthulhu Mythos Tales of Michael Shea Signed Hardcover: this volume was one of many that was at one of our main printer/binders who recently went out of business and was bought out by another printer/binder where this project has been transferred to. We had to get multiple processes restarted and this limited edition is now expected to be complete within 90 days and shipping soon thereafter. We apologize for this unforeseen delay caused by a printer/binder closing down but will do all we can to expedite this limited edition's shipping date.

The Boke of the Divill by Reggie Oliver Signed Limited Hardcover: this volume met the same fate as Demiurge where it had to be transferred to the new company that bought out our old printer/binder. We expect this volume to follow a similar time frame as Demiurge with the books being complete within 90 days and shipping soon thereafter. Thank you to everyone for your continued patience. 

Return of the Old Ones Deluxe Hardcover: this was yet another volume that we are moving to the new printer/binder because it was in the queue with the previous printer. We expect printing on this deluxe to begin this summer and for slipcase production to start by end of summer with a realistic Q3/Q4 shipping time frame. Thank you very much to everyone for your continued patience on this deluxe and we will work hard to make sure it turns out great. Another update will be posted when printing officially starts.

The Children of Gla'aki Deluxe Signed & Lettered Hardcover: printing is complete and it is now at the binder who is working on one other project before they start on this edition. We are working hard to get The Children of Gla'aki deluxe binding and slipcase production complete within 60 days to get this deluxe shipped to our patient customers soon thereafter. We'll post another update when binding begins.

Sleeping Beauties Deluxe Special Edition by Stephen King and Owen King: we've shipped out roughly 40% of preorders for Sleeping Beauties and are going to be working overtime to reach 95% by end of next week. Watch for a shipping notice coming soon!