December 30th 2019 Production Updates

December 30, 2019

Revival Special Edition by Stephen King - Our team has been working hard on the many customer preorders for Revival Special Edition by Stephen King and we're happy to let our customers know that roughly 40% of all preorders have been shipped! Our goal is to have 95% of all customer preorders for Revival shipped by January 10th. If you're waiting on this Stephen King special edition watch for a shipping notice coming soon!

Dreams from the Witch House Deluxe Hardcover - As of writing this 99% of all preorders for Dreams from the Witch House deluxe hardcover have been shipped! The remaining orders are mostly customers whose shipping information we need to confirm or other issue orders. If you're still waiting on Dreams from the Witch House deluxe please Contact Us as soon as you can.

The Boke of the Divill by Reggie Oliver Signed & Numbered Hardcover - 95% preorders for The Boke of the Divill signed hardcover have been shipped. The last of international orders are what remain and will be shipped by January 15th!

Demiurge: The Complete Cthulhu Mythos Tales of Michael Shea Signed & Numbered Hardcover - The binder is working away on this title and has told us the books will be done by February. Thus we are anticipating as of writing this that Demiurge signed hardcovers will be received by our team for prepping in the first half of March and will start shipping to customers in the 2nd half of March. Thank you very much to everyone for your patience.

The Children of Gla'aki Deluxe Signed Lettered Hardcover - 95% of all preorders for this edition have been shipped! Remaining preorders to be shipped by January 15th.

The Library of the Dead Deluxe Signed & Lettered Hardcover - The binder anticipates this deluxe edition to be complete by end of January! The books should arrive to us soon thereafter and we anticipate customer preorders for this edition to start shipping in February. Thanks to everyone for your patience!

Pirates of the Old World - Regretfully we must inform our customers that one of the main authors for Pirates of the Old World, Wilum Pugmire, passed away and another main author on the project withdrew. We are currently negotiating with two other very talented authors to write for the book. Unfortunately this does mean Pirates of the Old World will likely not be shipping until second half of 2020. We apologize to our customers but we did not anticipate these circumstances. Once contracts are signed we'll be making an announcement with some of the new author names for Pirates of the Old World!

I AM THE ABYSS Deluxe Signed Hardcovers - The binder has told us that the books should finally be done by end of January! We are asking them to take photos of the books to share with our customers once the books are done. Slipcase production will be underway by mid January and should take roughly 30-45 days. Thus we are estimating that the finished books inside of slipcases will be prepped and will begin shipping to customers by March/April. We can't wait to get this deluxe hardcover tome of almost 500 pages printed offset in all color to our customers. Thank you so much to everyone for your patience on this project and we'll be posting another update on the deluxe hardcovers soon!