April 13th 2020 Production Updates

April 13, 2020

I AM THE ABYSS Deluxe Signed Hardcovers - Books are complete and they look fantastic! Slipcase production is underway and we are working to get Kickstarter backer package shipping started by June and retail preorders will start after 100% of applicable Kickstarter packages including the deluxe edition are shipped. Check out photos of the deluxe signed hardcover below and watch for another update coming soon when the slipcases are complete! I AM THE ABYSS deluxe hardcover is the first-ever Dark Regions Press special edition to feature black-dyed page edges. Printed offset in 4 colors throughout, Smyth sewn case binding, bound in black leather with a special stamp design in gold and signed by all contributors. Sold out as of writing this. 

Demiurge: The Complete Cthulhu Mythos Tales of Michael Shea Signed & Numbered Hardcover - 99% of preorders have been shipped. If you have not received your signed limited hardcover of Demiurge please Contact Us.

Nightmare's Realm Deluxe Signed Hardcover - the books are expected to be complete at the binder in May and slipcase production will start immediately thereafter. We anticipate customer preorders of Nightmare's Realm deluxe hardcover to start shipping Summer 2020 and sincerely appreciate your patience! 

The Cabin at the End of the World Special Edition by Paul Tremblay - we received the fantastic interior art by artist Alexandra Green and are now preparing the book files for the printer. We anticipate printing to start within 90 days and thank everyone for your patience as we work to make this a very special edition of Paul's Bram Stoker Award winning novel.

Richard Laymon's Midnight's Lair Special Definitive Edition - we are currently waiting to receive the signature sheets from a contributor and will then act quickly to get printing started, we hope to get the signature sheets within the next 30 days! When printing starts preorders for this special edition will open.

Wolf Hunt 3 Special Edition by Jeff Strand - the printer/binder for this special edition is temporarily closed but plans to reopen by May. We are getting everything ready to get printing started right when they reopen. Once printing has officially started preorders will start for Wolf Hunt 3 Special Edition.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and watch for more updates on these titles coming soon!