What you need to know about the new DarkRegions.com website

April 18, 2017

Welcome to the new and improved DarkRegions.com! With this website we strongly emphasized two requirements: it needed to be fast and it needed to work great on mobile devices. We're happy to say this website achieves both. You will find the website search, product pages and checkout system all much faster and more efficient.

Important Information Regarding Customer Accounts/Order Histories:

  1. All customer accounts have been imported, but to login to your account you will need to use our "Forgot your password?" feature to reset your password. You will find this link just above the PASSWORD box on the login page: https://darkregions. com/account/login
  2. Customer accounts are now required to place orders on our website. It's quick and easy and ensures you can track the status of your order!
  3. Our new platform could not import orders with invalid e-mail domains. Thus, if you happened to be logging into your DarkRegions.com account with an e-mail account that's no longer active, your order history can be sent to you by request.
  4. Due to the way the orders had to be imported numbering sequences changed. For example, order #18337 in the old website is now #34377 in the new website. We understand this may cause some confusion for some customers so we encourage you to login to your account to find the newly-assigned order numbers for your orders.
  5. Payment plans from the old website will remain active until fully paid off. Payment plans are not yet offered on the new website but will be added soon.
  6. We are still in the process of importing the latest orders made in April 2017 to the new website. If you placed an order in the last 30 days and don't see it in your order history, it will be added soon!

Tips on Navigating the New DarkRegions.com:

  1. Products that have some editions in print (like ebooks/paperbacks) while others are in preorder (like deluxe hardcovers) now have this tag in their product titles: (SHIPPING/PREORDER). To determine which editions are shipping, visit each respective product page and check the "Product Information" section beneath the description.
  2. The new website search is powerful and can be used to find products, pages and blogs including production updates, news items etc. Try it out by clicking the magnifying glass in the upper-right hand corner or visit this page: https://darkregions.com/search
  3. Product pages have been simplified to make them as easy to navigate on mobile devices as possible (as well as load as quickly as possible). Sometimes additional information will be available in the images or in a link provided in the description. For example, often times deluxe hardcovers will now have the specifics of that edition as an image instead of text on the page (it should automatically change to the image on the edition when you select it).
  4. A lot of helpful information is located in the new Help Guides section. Please make sure to check here before contacting us: https://darkregions.com/pages/help-guides
  5. As always, if you have any questions after checking out the help section, search etc. please feel free to contact us here: https://darkregions. com/pages/contact

More Important Info:

  1. As on the previous website, you can checkout via credit card directly on our website and via PayPal. What's new: we've added support for Amazon Payments!
  2. Make sure to check out our Complete Catalog page for a full list of all DRP titles including forthcoming, in-print and out-of-print. The list is divided by editions, so in the example of Nightmare's Realm (as of 05/01/2017), the ebook/paperback are listed IN PRINT while the deluxe is listed FORTHCOMING.

Of course, if you experience any glitches/bugs in the new website please let us know via the contact page above. Thanks to everyone for visiting our new website and we hope you enjoy it!