Night Shift by Stephen King Illustrated by David McKean

Originally published in 1978, Night Shift brings together nineteen of Stephen King's most unsettling short pieces—bizarre tales of dark doings and unthinkable acts from the twilight regions where horror and madness take on eerie, unearthly forms . . . where noises in the walls and shadows by the bed are always signs of something dreadful on the prowl.

The settings are familiar and unsuspected—a high school, a factory, a truck stop, a laundry, a field of Nebraska corn. But in Stephen King's world any place can serve as devil's ground . . . if the time of night is propitious, and the forces of darkness are strong, and the victims are caught just slightly off their guard . . .

  • Limited to 1,000 copies worldwide
  • Features two different dust jacket variations (selection is random)
  • Cover and interior artwork by Dave McKean
  • Foreword by Stephen King
  • Housed in an illustrated slipcase

Product Information: Published by PS Publishing, Shipping Now.


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