Cold to the Touch by Simon Strantzas

Short Story Collection by Simon Strantzas, Author of Burnt Black Suns and Nightingale Songs

This book is no longer in print from Dark Regions Press. Thank you to author Simon Strantzas for letting us publish this excellent collection!

There is a cold that cannot be imagined, a chill so deep it turns blood to ice, cracks flesh, tears meat from bone. It is the horror of our own reality, the terrifying curse of our own survival. Can you feel it creeping down your spine?

Simon Strantzas, author of the mesmerizing Beneath the Surface and brilliant Nightingale Songs, brings his critically-acclaimed and long out-of-print collection back to find a whole new audience. In these thirteen strange and dark tales, you will find vacationers on the edge of forever, lonely pilgrims searching for answers, the dying reminded of all they have lost and all they have yet to lose. Strantzas's fiction is a haunting echo across the barren Arctic tundra, and once you hear its howl you will never forget the sound.
"The second collection by the author, with thirteen stories, six of them new, all of them quite powerful and dark." - Ellen Datlow

Quick Info: Available in Trade Paperback (ISBN: 978-1-62641-085-5, 207 pages, MSRP $24.95) available on, Amazon, various bookstores and libraries and Available at Standard Wholesale Price in Ingram Book Group Distribution Catalog (ipage).


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