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Lovecraftian and Cosmic Horror from W.H. Pugmire and Jeffrey Thomas

Enoch Coffin is a proud inhabitant of Massachusetts, an artist following in the footsteps of local legend Richard Upton Pickman. Coffin is an artist with a singular quest: to capture in paint, or ink, or clay -- however he might -- sights that no mortal has ever portrayed in art before...and lived to exhibit. His quest will take him throughout actual New England locations, and that other New England of H. P. Lovecraft, where his models will be doomed souls, ravening ghouls, and entities from beyond the veil.

Individually acclaimed for their weird fiction, in this collection of short stories authors W. H. Pugmire and Jeffrey Thomas collaborate to paint the portrait of a character every bit as fascinating and unique as the subjects of his artistic encounters.
"The prose-poet of the horror/fantasy field; he may be the best prose-poet we have...perhaps the leading Lovecraftian author writing today." - S. T. Joshi

Product Information: Available in Ebook (ISBN: N/A, Amazon Kindle exclusive), Trade Paperback (ISBN: 978-1-62641-000-8, 270 pages, MSRP $17.95) available on DarkRegions.com, various bookstores and libraries and through Ingram Book Group Distribution Catalog (ipage). Previously offered in 200 signed and numbered hardcover and deluxe 26 lettered slipcased hardcover (sold out).

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