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Comprehensive Collector's Edition of Clive Barker's Classic Story from Debut Books of Blood Combining Literature and Film Version Directed by Ryuhei Kitamura

In 1984 the Books of Blood by Clive Barker were published and quickly gained a following worldwide. Literary eminences like Stephen King noticed early on the creativity and powerful prose throughout the Books of Blood, bringing Clive Barker's stories to the forefront of horror fiction. One of these stories was "The Midnight Meat Train" following one Leon Kaufman as he discovers the origins of a series of grisly subway train murders in New York City... and the controlling forces behind it all.

Clive Barker's The Midnight Meat Train Special Definitive Edition brings the original story back with all-new material: a new afterword written by Clive Barker, 9 paintings based on the story by the author, a new introduction by Phil & Sarah Stokes, a foreword by the movie screenplay writer Jeff Buhler, the first complete commercial printing of the movie screenplay, never-before-seen photos, notes, sketches and more.
"What Barker does in THE BOOKS OF BLOOD makes the rest of us look like we've been asleep for the last ten years. . . He's an original." - Stephen King

Product Information: Available in Ebook & Trade Case Laminate Hardcover (Illustrations, MSRP $30, ISBN: 978-1-62641-077-0) Wholesale Pricing Available to Retailers in Ingram Catalog, Page Count: 218, Size: 6x9