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A Novel of Supernatural Horror From The Visionary Author of Punktown and Letters From Hades. Thought Forms follows the alternating stories of two cousins stalked by mysterious enemies bent on their destruction. Ray is a lonely young worker in a leather goods factory, whose parents were murdered by unknown assailants when he was just a child. Now, years later, having moved into the same remote house in which the murders occurred, Ray becomes increasingly harassed by enigmatic robed figures who may be connected to that long ago night of carnage. Meanwhile, Ray's cousin Paul goes to his job in the plastics company where he works nights, unaware that soon he and a small crew of coworkers will become trapped inside and hunted by an inhuman entity against which they must desperately battle if they hope to survive until morning. Building tension with the deliberate stealth of a big cat, by the time its bloody climax approaches "Thought Forms" will have gripped the reader's throat in crushing jaws. Once again we're reminded why F. Paul Wilson says, "Jeffrey Thomas' imagination is as twisted as it is relentless."

Product Information: ISBN-13: [978-1888993714], Page Count: [268], MSRP: 24.95, Trim Size: [6 x 9 inches], Distribution: Ingram Book Group (ipage). Previously offered in 100 signed and numbered limited edition hardcover and deluxe 26 lettered slipcased hardcover (sold out).