UPDATE: The Wide, Carnivorous Sky Deluxe Special Edition

August 05, 2016

UPDATE: we are currently in negotiations with artist Santiago Caruso about having the signature sheets printed in Argentina and having them signed and shipped from there. If he is unable to do this, then we will have to proceed with omitting Santiago from the signature sheet as previously mentioned. Another update will be posted if Santiago will be able to sign!

The signature sheets for the book sadly were lost at customs in Argentina. After repeated attempts to send the sheets to Santiago in Argentina, in the essence of time we have decided to omit Santiago (with his permission) from the signature sheet. We apologize to customers/fans who were looking for his signature, but will be distributing the new set of signature sheets by next week.  These signature sheets are the last missing piece of the puzzle before the book can enter production.

Now that the new signature sheets will be distributed, we expect the signing/receiving process to be complete within 90 days, giving the book a realistic shipping date of Q1 2017. Thank you to all customers for your patience and for any questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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