UPDATE: The Wide, Carnivorous Sky Deluxe Special Edition

November 17, 2016

We are working with Santiago Caruso to get the signature sheets printed and signed in Argentina to avoid dealing with Argentina customs which so far has returned three of our packages. This should happen in November, but if any problems arise and Santiago is unable to do this by the end of November we will have no choice but to reprint the signature sheets without his signature line so we can get the sheets signed and the books into production by January. We will be making sure that production starts no later than January, giving us a realistic shipping date of March/April for this title. Please note: this situation is exactly the same for Burnt Black Suns Deluxe Special Edition which Santiago Caruso is also signing, as well as The Booking by Ramsey Campbell. Another update will be posted later this month with an update on the status of the signature sheets, but our customers should know that this is our final attempt to get Santiago to sign and will be moving forward with the project regardless by the end of November.

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